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Located in a newly developed residential area of Kochi city, this home is designed with family time and privacy in mind. By positioning the LDK on the second floor and seamlessly connecting it to the inviting outdoor spaces, we've created a living area brimming with openness. Notably, the spacious balcony adjacent to the LDK is shielded by outer walls, which block the view from the outside while still allowing an abundance of natural light and fresh air to permeate the space.

Furthermore, the balcony connects to the courtyard, gently linking to the children's room on the first floor, thereby enriching family communication. This thoughtful connection fosters a sense of unity and ease of interaction within the family.

By centering the building's layout around the courtyard, we believe we've crafted a space that, despite being in a residential neighborhood, maintains privacy while allowing the family to relax and spread out comfortably.

House へ戻る
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