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Commercial へ戻る









The building is located near the foothills of Mount Godai in Kochi City, not far from the Gokoku Shrine and has also become a pilgrimage site for fans of Studio Ghibli's "Ocean Waves ". 
However, due to an extended period of vacancy, various issues such as leaking roofs and sagging floors were observed throughout the interior.
Despite its impressive traditional Japanese exterior, the existing interior finishes lacked charm.
To address this, we undertook the renovation of the building, placing a strong emphasis on changing the interior finishes to transform it into an attractive, fully-rented accommodation facility.
Firstly, we removed the existing partitions, creating a connection between the dining area and the living space, where we introduced a cozy minibar for the enjoyment of our adult guests.
The spacious dining area now features a large table, versatile enough to accommodate various events, ensuring that stays in this space are truly special. Additionally, we installed an outdoor bath in the former waiting area of the traditional tea room, creating a tranquil space where guests can immerse themselves in the warm water while contemplating the garden.
With a change in ownership, the building's perception also evolved, and what was once considered a burden as an empty house has now been transformed into an appealing asset. We hope that this renovation case serves as a contribution to addressing future vacant property issues.

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