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Renovation へ戻る







This building, planned as part of a project for vacant houses in Toyo-cho, Kochi Prefecture, is conveniently located a two-minute walk from Shirahama Beach, a famous surfing point.
The existing building is compact at approximately 47.67 m2, but its appearance in harmony with the surrounding environment is very attractive.
The existing interior configuration consisted of a kitchen with a dirt floor and a bathroom accessed from outside, which was somewhat inconvenient for a modern living environment.
Therefore, we rearranged the water circulation space to a position that was not unreasonable in terms of the living line, and after partially reducing the building, we created added value unique to this location.
We believe that this project, which attempted to maximize the potential of the existing building while retaining as much of it as possible, may be an example of an answer to the problem of vacant houses, which will continue to increase in the future.

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