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Three years after the family home became vacant, the project started with a request to renovate it into a house with a studio function where one could devote oneself to one's hobby of sculpture.
The site and the existing building were of a generous size, but the layout was divided into small sections that did not allow sufficient light to penetrate deep into the rooms.
Therefore, these partitions were removed as much as possible, and light was brought in through the partially lattice-shaped ceiling to allow light to reach the back of the building.
In addition, a part of the living room was used as a salon where the sculptors can talk with their friends.
The studio, which can be accessed directly from the outside, has a top light that changes with the time of day and the seasons to create an impression of the space.
The second-floor living room has a newly added water feature (WC-washbasin) and can also be used as an accommodation space.
There are many ways to end up with a vacant building, but being able to return to the building where you were born and raised seems to be one of the happiest decisions you can make.

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