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House へ戻る

「建築家 ✕ 不動産|高知K不動産」と共に、土地探しからお手伝いさせて頂きました。

I started designing thinking the owner who loves cars can enjoy his hobby time with his family.
For housing access, the lights and finished materials are designed so that they enjoy enough the access to the entrance in the courtyard. 
Also, as a result of consideration of eyes of a lot of parking space and pedestrians, I suggested to have a living room on the second floor.
It was targeted both freedom and privacy by making picture windows and inner balcony by carefully considering the area's housing environment.
Meanwhile, the owner requested to have an idea of connecting dressing room and the living room so as not to make child fear while she is taking a bath alone or even when he stays on the second floor, he can say greetings of when coming home or going out with seeing their faces.
There, first of all, I installed open and close fittings so as to be able to use depending on scenes by connecting tatami floor and dressing room part in upper side and lower side.
Also, I make the family communicate through a small void at a part of the entrance and the kitchen wall.
Moreover, on the garage roof situated in the southern part of the site, I made it to be able to use as an outdoor living by setting up a big deck balcony.

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