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House へ戻る






I designed "ombrage" house so that its comfortable space is the LDK (a park) which spreads to the feet of over-5m height and the ceiling beam arranged rhythmically there which I assumed as "a big tree".

From the entrance to work space, kitchen's floor finish, I used the same tiles.
Also I carefully considered the opening position and decided to put a high window on the portion which faced to the neighborhood in the south and put a large opening picture window on the place from which a nice view spreading to the north side is available.

Further, the image of benches in a park was brought in. The height of floor was not unified so that residents could sit on the floor like a bench anywhere in the house.
On the other hand, each room keeps privacy high by making designated stairs to the child's room and the bed room, but all of the rooms have placed so that all accesses to them are through the LDK (a park) in order for every family member to keep daily communication.

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