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AWARD 2016









The site is on a hill with commanding views of the ocean just below.

The client's request was for a space taking advantage of this location that would allow him to spend

quiet time pursuing his hobbies after retirement.

Because the site is surrounded by naturally growing tall trees and due to concerns over humidity,the first story floor elevation was raised one meter above normal.

When lying on the tatami mats with all of the sliding doors tucked away,eye level is close to the branches

and leaves,creating a sense of floating amidst the trees.

On the second floor a play room was designed as a space where the owner can pursue his hobbies of music,

movies,and reading.

Moreover,the reading deck,which connects to a library where over  10,000 books and CDs can be stored,

was outfitted  with novable wooden slat doors to create a semi-outdoor space where the surroundings

can be experienced up close.

After the completion of construction,the owner is making the most of the rich environment not only for reading,but also enjoying drinks while watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean.



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