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House へ戻る



The "Totoro" house project started with the search of the lot, with the condition to be more than 100 tsubo (approx. 330sqm) or larger.

With much effort, we were able to discover the site, which is a combination of 164 tsubo (approx. 541sqm) lot and 191 tsubo (approx. 630 sqm) farmland. It is as we are in the world of the movie " My Neighbor Totoro".

We used gable roof design to match the surrounding architecture. We also used a big roof to give the house its one-story-home look.

We aimed to give a comfortable and natural lifestyle to make the most of this environment with: big windows to let winds through from rice fields and small streams, large cloistered Engawa (Japanese style veranda) that the residents can use different corners depending on the season.

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