”Zetton”は、元々1階喫茶店+2・3階住居だった建物を、多世帯 計7人 のご家族が気兼ねする事なく暮らせる様にリノベーションをしました。




"Zetton" renovated the building whose first floor was once a coffee shop and second and third floors were dwelling spaces, to a cozy home for 7 people consisting of multiple generations.
The building was partly diminished to reserve a space for putting bikes of his 5 family members and to make a balcony that also works as a place for hanging out his parents’ laundry. Additionally, an acrylic panel was installed on the road side for privacy. 
Kids room and bed rooms were small in plan, but, a play room was installed to connect to all rooms so that family members could easily meet each other in the play room, to feel family bond and sense of spaciousness.